First Director

majidMajid Tehranian was the first director of the Toda Institute. He is Visiting Professor at Soka University of America. He has previously taught at Harvard, Oxford, Tufts, USC, and Tehran universities. A political economist by education, Dr. Tehranian received his Ph.D. and master's degrees from Harvard University and his bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College. His teaching and research have focused on international relations problems with a particular focus on communication, peace, development, and democracy. He also specializes in Middle Eastern and Asia-Pacific affairs. He has served at both national and international organizations, as Director of Social Planning at the Plan Organization of Iran, Founding Director of Iran Communication and Development Institute (Tehran), Program Specialist at UNESCO (Paris), trustee of the International Institute of Communications (London), Director of the Matsunaga Institute for Peace at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (Honolulu), Council Member of International Peace Research Association, and Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association, and Active Member of the Club of Rome.

He is the recipient of several awards, including an honorary doctorate from Soka University (Tokyo), United State Institute of Peace Grant, Fujio Matsuda Fellowship, International Communication Distinguished Service, and Meritorious Teaching Certificate. He has served on the editorial boards of several publications, including Iranian Studies, Communication and Development Review, Communication Theory, Communication Research, Asian Journal of Communication, Communication and Information Sciences Series, Journal of International Communication, and International Encyclopedia of Communications. He is a Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences. Tehranian's publications include over 25 books and 100 articles, translated in a dozen languages including French, Spanish, Italian, German, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Slovenian, Korean, Japanese, Bahasa Malay, Arabic, and Persian. He also edits Peace & Policy as well as the Toda Institute Book Series.

His books include the following:

  • The Middle East: Its Governments and Politics, in collaboration with Abid Al-Marayati et al. Belmont: Duxbury Press, 1972.
  • Towards a Systematic Theory of National Development. Tehran: Industrial Management Institute, 1974.
  • Communications Policy for National Development: A Comparative Perspective, co-editor with F. Hakimzadeh & M. Vidale. London: Rout ledge, Kegan & Paul, 1977.
  • Socio-Economic and Communications Indicators in Development Planning: A Case study of Iran. Paris: UNESCO, 1981.
  • Technologies of Power: Information Machines and Democratic Prospects. Norwood, NJ: Ablex Publishing Corporation, 1990.
  • Letters from Jerusalem, editor. Honolulu: Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace, University of Hawaii, 1990.
  • Restructuring for Ethnic Peace: A Public Debate at the University of Hawaii, editor. Honolulu: Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace, 1991.
  • Restructuring for World Peace: On the Threshold of the 21st Century, co-editor with Katharine Tehranian. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press, 1992.
  • Global Communication and World Politics: Domination, Development, and Discourse. Boulder: Lynne Rienner, 1999
  • Worlds Apart: Human Security and Global Governance, edited. London: I. B. Taurus Publishers, 1999
  • Asian Peace: Security and Governance in the Asia Pacific Region, edited. London: I. B. Taurus Publishers, 1999.
  • Reimagining the Future: Toward Democratic Governance, with Joseph Camilleri and Kamal Malhotra. Bundoora, Australia: Department of Politics, La Trobe University, 2000.
  • Global Civilization: A Buddhist-Islamic Dialogue, with Daisaku Ikeda.
    Japanese Edition, Tokyo: Ushio Shuppansha, 2002.
    English Edition, London: British Academic Press, 2003.
    French Edition: Buddhism et Islam: Le choix du dialogue. Paris: edition du Rocher, 2004.
    Italian Edition: Civilita global. Sperling & Kuper Editori, 2004.
    Thai Edition, Bangkok: Samakorm Sang Kunka Nai Prates Thai, 2003.
    Persian Edition, dar takapooye tammadon e jahani. Tehran: Ghatreh Press, 1384/2005.
    Chinese Edition: forthcoming Indonesian Edition: forthcoming
  • Dialogue of Civilizations: A New Peace Agenda for the New Millennium, co-edited with David W. Chappell. London: I. B. Tauris, 2002.
    Japanese edition, Tokyo: Ushio Shuppansha, 2004.
    Persian edition, Tehran: Gam e No Press, forthcoming.
  • Bridging a Gulf: Peacebuilding in West Asia, edited. London: I. B. Tauris, 2003.
  • Eurasia: A New Peace Agenda, co-edited with Michael Intriligator & Alexander Nikitin. Amsterdam: Elsevier Press, 2005
  • America and the World: the Double Bind, edited with Kevin P. Clements New Brunswick, NJ: Transactions, 2005.
  • Globalization and Identity, edited with B. Jeannie Lum. New Brunswick, NJ: Transactions, 2006.
  • Rethinking Civilization: Resolving Conflict in the Human Family, London: Routledge, 2007.
  • Learning to Seek: Globalization, Governance, and the Future of Highed Education, edited by Walter Truett Anderson, Jim Dator, and Majid Tehranian. New Brunswick, NJ: Transactions, 2006